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Nights with a scent of...whiskeyThe Song Story of our song Whiskey Night

Music Interview Magazine

The Ioannina, Greece-based band taps into new old school ideas with a strong contemporary presence... The debut a four song collection ranging from melodic with the gently moody, atmospheric opener to the more raucous “Whiskey Night.” The EP’s title track exhibits clout by way of a brief “La Grange” retro style intro...Outside the recording studio, Felony Case’s music translates well with live audiences, especially that irresistible raw, edgy guitar tone. But make no mistake because this is a team effort.

Klef Notes

Felony Case is making music that is pure driven energy highlighted by nostalgia and mastery of skill. And, Strangers Give More is just the beginning. ...what I miss in songs today, they have lost that element of surprise that songs from the 1980s featured – splendid melody lines, modulations, FX, and introductions and outros that just leave you thinking and spellbound. This is what Felony Case is giving us with their music – the element of surprise and music with a purpose!


Greek hard rockers Felony Case consisting of lead vocalist Faidra Potsika, bassist Antonis Adam, drummer Vaggelis Goulas, guitarist George Gousias and keyboardist Alexandros Papanastasiou released their debut EP Strangers Give More earlier this month

Global Texan Chronicles

Whether you’re a diehard fan of the theatrics of Scorpions or Dio, the bluesy punch of Heart and/or Hagar or perhaps the crunchy riffs of Mötley Crüe, Greece’s indie metal outfit Felony Case have your 80s era rockin’ metal covered with their debut EP ‘Strangers Give More’.

The Rockpit

At just four tracks (five if you count the alternate edit of ‘Whiskey Night’) Greece’s Felony Case’s debut is one that shows promise ...If these guys stick together and keep at it there is that spark there that suggests the future is looking bright.

Hard Rock Info

FELONY CASE is a rock band from Greece, with influences from the rock and heavy sound of the 80s. "Strangers Give More" is their first EP, which you can find on digital platforms. Most of these songs are really good,

Metal Jacket Magazine

This EP has got some dark, moody ambient which gives a little bit of 80’s underground feel.

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Rock Overdose

about our StreetMode Show

Felony Case rock us and put us on the mood early on, showing why they where the winners of the contest and getting a warm applause from the crowd

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