“New Old School Rock”

Felony Case is a Hard Rock band from Ioannina, Greece. Formed in the early 2015, the band brought together musicians of different ages and varied musical background. As such, their musical compositions defy the typical dividing lines of musical genres. On their first EP, you will find songs that reflect the Hard Rock sound of 1980s, yet with the additional energy of more recent years, killer solos and vocals from heaven.

The band was born as a revival of the music of the decade of decadence. Glam metal bands, like Motley Crue, Cinderella, Guns n’ Roses and Dokken were the musical influence of (almost) all members of the band. This is evident in their riffs, as created by the Riff Maester of the band, George. And even though their compositions borrow the badassery of that era, the vocals of Faidra bring a mellow tone, creating a reminiscence of a simpler era. The rest of the band members, Vangelis, Antonis and Alex, convey an endless groove that just makes you bang your head.

Catch any of their live performances and you will find yourself caught between an energy rush and a melodic journey. They have performed in various venues, from big stages like the StreetMode Festival (Thessaloniki, 2019), and the Artmode Festival (Ioannina, 2018), to smaller venues, using only their acoustic instruments. Interestingly, they are equally effective in exciting the crowd in both scenarios.

The band's debut EP- Strangers Give More- is now available, and they have already begun working on their debut full album. To keep up with the latest news, like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram.



Faidra is the vocalist of the band. She was born in 1999, in Ioannina. Even though she is youngest member of the band, she rocks as hard as the others. She started studying vocals when she was only 10 years old and she is equally trained and active in many genres. However, it seems that rock music suits her the most. The vocal lines she creates bring a modern air to the classic hard rock sound of the band. Yet, her smooth and sweet voice can easily turn hard and sing in a way that reminds you of a true rock legend.


George has been playing the guitar since 2009, participating in several bands. His tenure at Inner Makam and Path of Time has resulted in several recordings and a personal instrumental album released in 2015. His sound is influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Blind Guardian and Rainbow and guitarists like R. Blackmore, A. Olbrich, B. May and E. Van Halen. His elevating riffs and compositions, has earned him the title of Storytelling Bard.

ANTONIS “Dr. Feelgroove” ADAM

Antonis is all about the low end. Trained as a bassist, since 2013 he has been the groove machine of many local bands in Ioannina, where he started his musical career. A Hard Rock and Heavy Metal enthusiast that creates bass lines with a unique sound and quality. Sometimes, he stays in the shadows, keeping the groove and letting the guitar shine. Sometimes he takes an active role, bringing an extra kick to the song.


Vangelis is the drum machine of the band. Born and raised in Ioannina in 1971, he started playing drums late in his life, but since then he didn’t look back. Extremely active, participating in several bands, his drumming style is characterized by his capacity to lock in with the rest of band, providing a great sense of rhythm. His sound is influenced by various great rock drummers, and certainly reminds the listener the drum sound of the 80s.


Alex is the newest member of the band. Multi-instrumentalist, classically trained piano player, he locks in with the rest of the band in a perfect way. For the past four years he has been writing music for several theatrical plays. His part in the band is not exhausted in creating memorable melodies to accompany the songs, but also designs all the artwork. Huge fan of the Japanese culture, in his spare time he writes horror stories, draws manga or realistic designs, rides ponies and sometimes plays music.